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Chillicothe – Fast Work by Family Saves Woman from Overdose


Chillicothe – Family members who knew what to do most likely saved a woman from overdose death yesterday.

According to Law Enforcement, they were called to the scene of a home on Trego Creek road around noon on Wednesday for a woman that had overdosed and was unresponsive and not breathing. When they arrived they found the woman on the porch of the address where she was somewhat conscious. She reported to first responders that she had taken Heroin but it could have been Fentanyl.

Family members explained to law enforcement that they had found the woman unconscious and not breathing on the bathroom floor and they immediately knew what to do and attempted to save her life. They had administered 4 mg of Narcan and started CPR while calling 911. After some time the woman regained consciousness that’s when they moved her to the front porch of the residence for when the squad arrived.

Law Enforcement was allowed into the home to check the bathroom where they reported to have found a small case containing spoons and syringes, and a used bottle of Narcan.

If you or someone you know uses, you can get single doses of Narcan at most Health departments for free to help in a deadly overdose situation.