Home News Chase Branch Manager Paints at Court in Main for Pumpkin Show

Chase Branch Manager Paints at Court in Main for Pumpkin Show


CIRCLEVILLE – Chase Bank has moved windows but not the painter this year for the 2021 Pumpkin show

“If I can see stuff, I can usually draw it. I started drawing as a kid and now I mostly do it for my kids,” said Mike Strawser, the window painter. We caught Strawser “in the act” and asked him a few questions about what he was working on, just outside of the Chase Bank on Court & Main on Tuesday. Strawser said he’s been painting the windows for years here in Circleville; he really enjoys it.  Strawser is the branch manager with Chase outside of Circleville

Strawser said that he’s been painting at Court and Main for over 10 years now and really enjoys it.

“They let me be creative and do what I want to do, so now its been an annual thing,”

This year’s painting is Spongebob, Patrick, and Gary with Pumpkins.

Strawser is about halfway through the project, happily enjoying the fresh air. He said, he “Likes being out with people that come by and give me compliments to my work. That is really rewarding. We have won several years’ in the annual window contest, and that makes him feel great.”-

Strawser said, “Circleville has that small-town feel but is large enough to have things going on. Everyone knows everyone’s names. It has just a happy hometown feeling.”

You can check out Strawser’s work in progress at the corner of Court & Main in Circleville, at the Chase Bank.