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Cash Advance makes an eerie window design


CIRCLEVILLE – First Check Cash Advance, located at 124 East Main Street, created a visual display for the annual Pumpkin Show window decorating contest. The display has a mantel with a lit fireplace, cobwebs, a decapitated pumpkin man, skeletons, and witches.  A statement written in chalk in the middle of the display reads:

“Twist the bones and bend the back,                                                                          Itch-it-a-cop-it-a-Mel-a-ka-mys-ti-ca,                                                                      Trim him of his baby fat,                                                                                           Itch-it-a-cop-it-a-Mel-a-ka-mys-ti-ca                                                                        Give him fur black as black,                                                                                      just like this…”

Lisa George, the creator of this display, said she’s done this multiple years. “I’ve won several times, so it’s a big deal. We go all out. Every year when the flyer comes out, it takes me a couple weeks for me to create the display. I love to do it. I love to be creative. To be able to be creative in a business that you normally can not be creative, I like that.”

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