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BZA Board Member Resigns Implicates Board in Possible Corruption

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CIRCLEVILLE – A BZA member has tendered his resignation to the City of Circleville citing “help” and “legal Guidance” coming from the public that is detrimental to the common sense functioning of the BZA.

The letter below is the complete statement:

“TO All: It is with sincere regret that I must tender my resignation to the City of Circleville Board of Zoning Appeals effective immediately. I can no longer in good conscience be associated with The Board. I feel that with the constant outside “help” and “legal guidance” coming from the public, it is detrimental to the common sense functioning of the BZA. The personal feelings and interpretations of person(s) outside of their appointed or hired positions is very detrimental and unnecessary and only cloud those on The Board.

The letter continues saying that he admires the work that some people have done. I admire the work that Ms. Matte and Mrs. Valentine has contributed to The Board and I hope the new zoning code is quickly adopted by The City very soon. All too often the process of permits, zoning changes, sign permits, and conditional use permits is VERY SLOW – difficult and cumbersome. The system in place is outdated and lacking in ability to grant variances or permits based on realistic and updated rules, regulations and law. The process The BZA goes through on and after the hearings is anything but CUSTOMER friendly. It is my interpretation that The BZA Board and other similar Boards in The City, should have an attitude of how can we get this done -(welcoming improvements, innovative and new techniques and change) instead of the attitude that appears to be what line in a code or rulebook can we use to turn down this request.

I have attached the Law Director in hopes that he will get me released of the pending legal matters concerning Richie’s Building – especially since I did vote for his request! Also, please note that I do not have a city email address – The only written correspondence that I have received from the BZA committee has been strictly in paper form and at no time have I ever texted or had any written or electronic conversations outside of my duties on the BZA board – as in Agendas, minutes and information supplied by the Clerk or with the Chairman of this Board. So, therefore, have nothing that is related to or concerning that sign variance other than documents that were shared with all members.

Signed Micheal Logan”

The third part of the letter refers to a legal matter/appeal that was filed in common pleas court from Richie Verito properties pertaining to the denied size variance by the BZA that was filed in October.

These are the members of the BZA

  • Josh Ford  Vice Chair (5 years) 01/01/2025
  • David Getreu Chair  (5 years) 01/23/2028
  • Mike Logan  (4 years) 01/23/2025
  • Brad Keaton  (2 years)  01/23/2023
  • Seth Sias  Alternate (1 year) 01/23/2022
  • Dennis Garlington  Alternate (1 year) Vacant