Home News BAD DOPE ALERT: Ross County Deals with Overdoses on Monday

BAD DOPE ALERT: Ross County Deals with Overdoses on Monday

This is a stock photo not a real corpse.

ROSS – Ross County was busy with overdoses yesterday one group says that they saw at least four and the day wasn’t over.

Chillicothe Police department responded to three overdoses one on Main, one on Mill street, and one on Delano ave all three were transported or arrested.

According to Another Chance Ministry, faith-based intensive outpatient treatment and transitional placement for addiction they saw four overdoses within the city. Founder Dr. J Troy Gray shared that they think there’s a, “bad dope alert, and warned that the next use could kill you.” He said they experienced four overdoses in their area that they helped deal with. One on Mill street, one on Arch street, Bridge-street restaurant, and in the parking lot at the mall.

ACM says, ” It’s first of the month some drug dealer mixing with some bad stuff. Y’all better make some changes. Get in treatment. Get some help. It’s not too late to change. Every day we work with 50 men and women who were on that dreadful road but hit bottom and made a choice to change. You can too. Need help….. need a referral. Call us. Let us help you get it together. Jesus takes the wheel. One right decision can change your life forever. Call us. 740 779 0233. Addiction affects all of us.”