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Animal Abuse Case Turns Out to Be Lie For Free Medical Care for Dog


BUTLER COUNTY – A interesting case has occurred in Butler County where a dog named Dani was reported as found abused, now it has been discovered that the story was made up for free treatment. This is what happened.

On August 23, 2019 Bulter COunty Sheriff asked the public for help on identifying a suspect in a animal cruely case.

Saturday August 17, 2019 a subject walking in Madison Twp. discovered an injured canine on the side of the road in the 5000 block of Trenton Franklin Rd. The canine’s muzzle (nose and mouth) was duct taped shut and her throat cut. The canine was rushed to the veterinarian where a chip was located on the animal. The information on the chip came back to HART Rescue in Cincinnati. HART Rescue advised they adopted the canine out in 2011 and that information is being investigated. The Butler County Sheriff’s Dog Warden has been investigating this Animal Cruelty Case and is asking for your help in identifying this canine to assist us in locating the owner.

“This is appalling, words cannot describe the disgust I’m feeling right now, we will work diligently to find who did this and seek justice.” Says Sheriff Jones.

The Sheriff posted a update the next day because of the outpouring of support that he had received on this case.

“Just a little update..her name is Dani and she is doing well.. the Sheriff loves animals and takes cases like this very serious. As far as adopting her, we are working on getting her better right now.. Thank you all for your kind words and support and we’ll keep you updated on her progress and possible adoption information.”

This morning the Sheriff added Dani to a post with other dogs that had been abused as a tribute to honor these abused animals.

“We continue to work diligently to find the person responsible for this abuse and hold them accountable. We thank you all for your support and kind words for Dani and all the other abused animals we have investigated, it’s nice to see the community come together during such tragedies.” States Sheriff Jones

Then things took a drastic turn three hours ago when Butler County released information that the story was fabricated to receive free treatment for the dog.

Sheriff Richard K. Jones reports the Butler County Sheriff’s Detective Division along with the Butler County Dog Wardens received several leads regarding the Animal Abuse case involving canine Dani. It was determined the subject that initially reported finding Dani and taking her to the Twin Maple Veterinarian Clinic was the actual owner of the canine. Upon interviewing the owner it was relayed to our detectives that the canine had cut its throat on a barbed wire fence and they could not afford the veterinarian bills, so they concocted a story to get the canine help for free. The owner of the canine further advised the detectives that the canine did not have its muzzle taped up. The snout/mouth area that appeared to be injured was due to the owners keeping the canine muzzled for several hours a day due to it chewing up items in their residence and being aggressive towards their other canine. Our Detectives followed up with the Twin Maple Veterinarian Clinic where it was determined that the neck injury to Dani was not intentional and the duct tape was a story made up by the dog owner to get Dani free care.

“After the investigation was completed it was determined that this incident did not occur in Butler County, but we will make a joint effort to work with the adjacent jurisdiction to ensure this case is dealt with appropriately,” States Sheriff Jones