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Alum Creek State Park Beach Gates to Close Daily


DELAWARE, Ohio- To increase visitor safety, the gates to Alum Creek State Park’s beach area will be closed daily at 9 p.m. beginning today, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). The gate closure will also impact visitors using the large public parking lot and access to the park’s Storybook trail.
“Alum Creek State Park’s day-use facilities, such as the beach area, have been experiencing historic usage since last year,” said ODNR Division of Parks and Watercraft Chief Glen Cobb. “Closing the gates daily and establishing daily visitation hours will help protect the area from unlawful behavior, such as illegal dumping and vandalism.”
ODNR’s natural resource officers will increase patrols, as well as strictly enforcing all of Ohio’s litter laws. If park visitors are spotted littering by officers, they will be cited for improper disposal of waste. Litter violations can cost up to $500 per incident and 60 days in jail.
Located just outside of Franklin County, Alum Creek State Park draws visitors from around the Columbus metropolitan area. Last summer’s high attendance at the beach and surrounding picnic areas and parking lots created some unintended consequences, such as a major increase in littering and illegal dumping.

Park activities allowed after dark, such as fishing, can still be done at other areas around the park; anglers are cautioned not to park in the beach parking lot for evening fishing.
To learn more about Alum Creek’s day-use activities and overnight accommodations, visit ohiostateparks.gov.
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