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75th Anniversary of the Roswell Crash and How it is Connected to Circleville

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US – The name Roswell is probably familiar to most of you reading this, it conjures up images of crashed UFOs and alien beings, and for good reason. It is considered the Holy Grail of UFO encounters by many UFO researchers including myself.

This week marks the 75th anniversary of the Roswell crash, did you know that our small town of Circleville has a connection to Roswell? First, a small overview of what happened- It was the first week of July 1947 outside the small town of Roswell, New Mexico when rancher Mac Brazel rode out to check on the sheep after a night of intense storms. He discovered a debris field across the large property. The material was strange, very strange, the witnesses who handled the crash debris described metal I-beams with odd illegible writing resembling Egyptian hieroglyphics. There was also a lot of material described as a lightweight metal, lightweight and flexible but incredibly strong it could not be torn, burnt, or even dented with a sledgehammer. This “memory metal” could be crumbled up in a ball but once released it would unfold itself back completely flat.

Rancher Mac contacted the local Sheriff who then contacted the local Roswell Army Air Field. Soon, the Government was officially in possession of the crash site.

On July 8th the story broke in the local newspaper “The Roswell Daily Record” announcing on its front page “Roswell Army Air Field Captures a Flying Saucer in Roswell”. Within hours the Army had issued a press release claiming the whole thing was a misunderstanding, it was nothing more than a crashed weather balloon.

The US Department of Defence has released three videos that show what appear to be unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The UFOs were encountered by US Navy pilots and are still unexplained. these photos are not related to the Roswell incident and were released in 2015

For Mac Brazel and the other locals who had handled the debris, this was obviously not true. What they had seen and touched was no weather balloon. There are even credible accounts of not only debris being found but an intact section of the craft and alien bodies. It is believed by many in Ufology (the study of UFOs) that the crash material, including alien bodies, was secretly flown here to Ohio to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton. It’s said to be there still, locked away in an underground facility, where it continues to be studied and tested by scientists and shadowy Government types. Wright-Patterson is not the only local connection to the Roswell Incident. Once the Government realized what they had in their possession they needed a cover story, something they could tell the American public that would explain away the incident. It needed to be simple, something they could easily sell, maybe something that had already happened.

According to Researcher Kevin Randle, an authority on Roswell, the Government looked to small-town Circleville Ohio, specifically a recent story from the local hometown newspaper “The Circleville Herald”. Published on July 5th, 1947 the Herald reported the story of a man named Sherman Campbell who lived on Westfall Road near the Pickaway-Ross county line. Campbell while out working in his field reported the finding of a star-shaped silver foil-covered object attached to a large deflated balloon. He believed this was the “flying saucers” people are reporting. A photo of Campbell holding the ballon object appeared in the Herald with the story. It was quite clear from the article that Campbell recognized it for what it was, a balloon-borne device. He thought that when airborne the pointed star spinning could give the impression of a disc shape in bright sunlight. The following is taken from Kevin Randle’s book “The Roswell Encyclopedia” and his blog post “Roswell vs Circleville”. “You have to ask yourself, did those in Roswell, who might well have known about the Circleville case, take a cue from there, changing the storyline so it mimicked that in Ohio to hide the facts in New Mexico? Did they change the narrative so that reporters and civilians would not be inclined to ask the difficult questions that were then never asked? But the real question….. the real difference…. is the reaction of the military to these two events. At Circleville they ignored it. Clearly, it is a balloon and posed no threat. The day after the press release in Roswell, both the Army and Navy begin to suppress stories of flying saucers.” Small town Circleville, Ohio provided the cover story for the biggest UFO case of all time-the Circleville Roswell connection.

Research into the Roswell Incident is ongoing. We continue to find out new information and evidence that what came crashing down from the desert sky that night was not at all from this Earth, but something from somewhere else. Over the decade many military officers, most notably Major Jesse Marcel, who was involved in the crash cleanup have come forward to confirm that what they saw was indeed a crashed UFO from another world.

Thanks for reading my article. If you’re interested in UFOs feel free to join me and the rest of the members of our local group “Roundtown UFO Society” we meet once a month here in Circleville. You can find us on Twitter @roundtownufo and Facebook. And for any of you interested in learning more about the Roswell crash I recommend Kevin Randle’s book “UFO Crash at Roswell” also “Witness to Roswell” by Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt. ~Cameron Jones