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Pickaway County Court Common Pleas Information


PICKAWYA COUNTY – Court information for the week of November 20th. A PSI (Pre-Sentence Investigation report) is a report written by an employee of the Department of Corrections (usually a probation agent) which gives the judge a great deal of information about the case and the defendant so that the judge can make a more-informed sentencing decision. The PSI usually includes a sentencing recommendation, however, the judge does not need to follow this recommendation and usually considers the PSI and its recommendation as just information to consider in addition to the arguments of both attorneys (DA and defense counsel). If the PSI recommends less than the sentence that the DA is recommending, that can be good for the defendant. If the PSI recommends more than the sentence that the DA is recommending, that can be a bad thing for the defendant. It really all depends on exactly what is in the PSI. The judge must consider (1) the nature of the offense, (2) the character of the defendant, and (3) the need to protect the public. The PSI usually answers many questions with respect to these three factors.

John M. Alexander, III, 30, 17882 Florence Chapel Rd., Circleville, OH
Breaking and Entering, Theft
Guilty, PSI ordered

Bradley Beatty, 61, 656 S. Water St., Williamsport, OH
Felony OMVI (x2) Plead Not Guilty
Pretrial 12/13

Adam R. Brewer, 30, 3533 S. Champion Ave., Columbus, OH
Violation of Community Control
Plead Not Guilty
To be set for hearing

Whitney L. Campbell, 32, 9121 Drum Place, Orient, OH
Burglary, Theft
30 months in prison (suspended), $1,500 fine, $280 restitution, 3 years community control, 30 days in county jail, inpatient recovery program ordered

James E. Evans, Jr., 42, 241 Jefferson Ave, Apt. c, Ashville, OH
Aggravated Assault
Guilty, PSI ordered

Shavez E. Hargrave, 24
781 Canonby Place, Apt. 3E, Columbus, OH
Tampering with Evidence
Plea Not Guilty
Pretrial 12/13

Michael L. Knight, 34
332 Walnut St., Circleville, OH
Theft of Firearms (x2)
Guilty, 10 to 15 years in prison

Kejuan J. Long, 38, 333 Walnut St., Circleville, OH
Having Weapons Under Disability, Improperly Handling Firearms in a Motor Vehicle, Trafficking in Cocaine, Aggravated Possession of Drugs
Plead Not Guilty Pretrial 12/13

Letitia A. Long, 40, 333 Walnut St., Circleville, OH
Endangering Children, Trafficking in Cocaine, Permitting Drug Abuse, Possession of Cocaine
Plead Not Guilty
Pretrial 12/13

Christina H. Morgan, 43, 1516 Republic Ave., Columbus, OH
Aggravated Possession of Drugs, Possession of Cocaine
Plead Not Guilty
Pretrial 12/13

Jamie L. Spires, 29, 211 West St., Groveport, OH
Possession of Heroin, Aggravated Possession of Drugs, Possession of Fentanyl, Failure to Appear
Plead Not Guilty
Pretrial 12/13

Vincent E. Waldron, 27, 4558 Windfield St., Columbus, OH
Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Improperly Handling a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle
14 months in prison, $1,500 fine

Shawn A. Wycuff, 39, 118 East Alley, Williamsport, OH
Rape, Gross Sexual Imposition, Disseminating Matter Harmful to Juveniles
8 years and 42 months in prison, Lifetime registration as a sex offender