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Local Resident Catches Eyes, Smiles with Vintage Car



CIRCLEVILLE – John Rarey, a local Circleville resident has an eclectic eye. He called his creation a “Hood Ride”. A Hood Ride is an old vintage car that’s been lowered, and has original faded or worn paint.

In the best case, the car will also have rust and patina, too. Mismatched panels, dents and missing parts enhance the look because they add more character and originality. Driving a Hood Ride is about making use of a car everyone else would avoid because it’s “ugly” or “beyond repair” and being able to love it for what it is. It’s enjoying your car because you built it the way you want, and not how everyone else thinks it should look.

John’s Hood Ride is a 1966 VW bug that came from Greenview Tennessee. See the brown darkened spot on the back where the engine is? That’s real fire damage that he has preserved, he also has preserved the rust, John said he’s always adding to his ride that he just added his custom fishing pole shifter recently. He said “lots of people take pictures and he’s been stopped a lot.”

Underneath the VW is riding on air. John said the car is all custom to ride lower to look like it’s weighted down, that’s the look he’s going for. He also removed the baffles from the engine and some other custom work to the engine.

Someday soon, you may see his car driving around town. Make sure you greet him warmly and his green “Hood Ride.