Home News 2022 Pumpkin Show Queen Spires will Rule in Memory of Hero Father

2022 Pumpkin Show Queen Spires will Rule in Memory of Hero Father

Destiny Doan, a Teays Valley Junior, was crowned First Attendant and Molly Prochaska, a junior at Zane Trace, was crowned Second Attendant. Middle Queen Jaycie Spires

AMANDA – A 15-Year-old Amanda Clearcreek High School student won Queen in Circleville Pumpkin Show during the 2022 Festival, representing her school and her Hero father.

Jaycie Spires is a 15-year-old junior at Amanda Clearcreek high school, she is currently the Valedictorian of her class and is set to graduate with an associate’s degree in engineering at the same time she graduates high school. She is a varsity cheerleader and a varsity wrestler who placed 8th at state as a freshman, she is the 4H club president for Fairfield county shooting sports where she participates in archery rifle and shotgun projects, she is active in FFA and is a volunteer member of the school’s hope squad-a team of students and teachers committed to eliminating teen suicide through peer to peer support. She is also an avid weightlifter and competed and won the 2020 world’s strongest teen competition at the Arnold sports festival in Columbus Ohio.

Jaycie carries the memory of her father in all that she does, Jaycie is the daughter of the late Jace spires who lost his life saving his children and wife in a tragic house fire in May of 2021. Jaycie’s pumpkin show campaign slogan is “get inSPIREd”- a slogan used in memory of her father and his heroism.


After high school Jaycie wishes to attend the United States Air Force Academy and major in aeronautical engineering and serve her country. This wasn’t the first time Jaycie has been in, “The Show” she ran for little miss Pumpkin show when she was much younger.