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$20 Million Judgment Awarded to Ohio State Fair Accident Survivor


Newark, New Jersey – Keziah Lewis, a survivor of the tragic Ohio State Fair accident in 2017 involving the Fireball ride, has been awarded a significant judgment of $20 million by the New Jersey Court. The lawsuit stems from an incident where a row of seats detached from the ride, leading to a fatal accident that claimed the life of Lewis’s boyfriend, Tyler Jarrell, and caused severe injuries to several others.

The court’s decision allocated a total of $78 million in damages to the injured parties, with Lewis receiving her share for the immense suffering she endured since the harrowing incident. The catastrophic failure occurred during the fair when a section of the Fireball ride broke loose while in motion, ejecting the occupants into a terrifying freefall.

Emergency responders rushed all victims, including Lewis, to the intensive care units of three hospitals in Columbus. Lewis, who was among those ejected from the ride, endured extensive medical treatment, including 12 surgeries during her months-long hospitalization. Tragically, Tyler Jarrell succumbed to his injuries at the fairgrounds immediately following the accident.

Following an extensive investigation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers and the presentation of their final reports, Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announced that no criminal charges would be filed due to insufficient evidence to proceed with a case.

The judgment awarded to Keziah Lewis reflects the profound impact of the Ohio State Fair tragedy on her life and the lives of others affected by the devastating incident. As the legal proceedings continue, Lewis hopes the judgment brings accountability and closure to the victims and their families affected by the tragic events of that fateful day.