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High-Speed Chase and Drug Seizure Unfold in Ross County


Frankfort, Ohio – A routine speed enforcement operation took a dramatic turn on the evening of July 8, 2024, when Deputy Robert Rush of the Ross County Sheriff’s Office initiated a traffic stop that escalated into a high-speed chase and drug seizure.

The deputy was stationed on S Main Street in Frankfort, Ohio, equipped with a department-issued RADAR, when he observed a dark blue Toyota exceeding the posted speed limit. The vehicle clocked in at 35 mph in a 25 mph zone, prompting Deputy Rush to activate his emergency lights and initiate a traffic stop near Westfall Rd.

The Toyota came to a halt on Westfall Rd, but the situation quickly intensified when a male passenger, clad in a white t-shirt and painter pants, bolted from the vehicle and fled into a nearby cornfield. Concerned for safety and unsure of the vehicle’s occupants, Deputy Rush approached the driver, identified as Megan Current, to gather information.

During the interaction, Megan revealed that the license plate on the Toyota was fictitious. As Deputy Rush questioned her about the fleeing passenger, the individual reappeared briefly near an abandoned farmhouse before disappearing back into the cornfield. The Deputy promptly alerted another responding unit and requested the assistance of the Ohio State Highway Patrol Aviation Unit to locate the evading suspect, who was wanted on multiple arrest warrants.

Meanwhile, a search of the Toyota’s trunk led to a significant discovery. Among personal items, the Deputy uncovered a black bag containing drug paraphernalia, including syringes and broken glass pipes, alongside a suspicious pink metal container with loaded syringes and what appeared to be heroin.

Following protocol, the Deputy read Megan her Miranda rights and proceeded to issue her citations and a summons for various offenses, including speeding, license forfeiture, possession of drug abuse instruments, and the use of fictitious plates. Megan was scheduled for a mandatory court appearance at Chillicothe Municipal Court on July 25, 2024.

The dark blue Toyota, bearing the fictitious license plate, was impounded by Vest Towing. Despite efforts by the Ohio State Highway Patrol Aviation Unit and Units to locate the fleeing suspect, their search proved unsuccessful. The suspect though did not leave completely charges free, as deputies learned of his identity quickly and a warrant has been issued for his arrest

The deputy concluded the incident by securing the seized evidence and clearing the scene. The case will now proceed through legal channels as authorities continue their efforts to apprehend the fleeing individual and address the implications of the drug-related findings.