Home News 1/3 of Pickaway Voters Have Cast Ballots Already

1/3 of Pickaway Voters Have Cast Ballots Already


Pickaway county early voting has been strong this year much because of COVID-19.

Pickaway County Board of Elections has reported that as of the end of day on October 29, 2020, they had 12,388 Received ballots out of 36,306 registered voters. That is 34% of Pickaway County. They also had 1,335 Outstanding absentee ballots (ballots we mailed out and have not yet received).

Information on voting still in the County,

  1. If ballots are going to be mailed back to us, they need to be postmarked by Monday, November 2nd. (Ballots received in our office before 7:30pm on election day will be part of the election night results).
  2. We have a 24/7 ballot drop on the back of our building, at 141 West Main Street.
  3. We have extended office hours where voters around the County can vote early in person (hours can be found here https://lookup.boe.ohio.gov/files/pickaway/custom/Election_hours.pdf )
  4. Election Night numbers are not official numbers. In Ohio, we wait additional days for ballots that are missing information to “cure” (be corrected), for ballots postmarked by November 2nd to arrive, for military and overseas ballots to arrive, and for any provisional ballots to be reviewed by the Board before we provide our official counts.

Pickaway County Board of Elections wants you to know that are processing an extremely high number of early voters in person. COVID precautions have our lines appearing longer than they actually are, but we process voters very quickly and efficiently so they don’t stay long.

On Election Night, all of the results will be digitally transmitted to the SOS throughout the night. The only numbers that Elections will post on their website will be at the end of the night after all election night results are in. If we provide physical numbers to anyone on election night, please be aware that those numbers are not official. We will be reporting all early votes (mail in ballots and in person voters) as our very first reported numbers after 7:30pm.