Home News (VIDEO) Zoo Animals Smash and Eat Giant Pumpkins

(VIDEO) Zoo Animals Smash and Eat Giant Pumpkins


Milwaukee – What do you do with those giant Pumpkins many ask during giant pumpkin growing contests? Local zoos always have the answer, feed them to their giant animals.

The Milwaukee County Zoo is having fun with giant pumpkins grown in their area by feeding it to the giant elephants, the medium-sized lions, and the bats.

They are not the only zoo feeding animals leftover pumpkins Cincinnati zoo is stuffing their animals with giant gourds also. Hippos, Black Rhinos, and the Red River Hog are enjoying the enrichment of these orange globes.

“It’s really important for us to give our animals stimulation and enrichment every day, and many of them already have pumpkin as part of their natural diet. Each day we try to mix it up and provide a new form of enrichment for them, whether it’s scent enrichment using herbs and oils, puzzle equipment, or food presented in new ways.”