YOU Choose….Drink OR Drive


    Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving This Holiday Season

    The Holidays are almost here and so will be the celebrations. Along with enjoying family and friends, the gift exchanges, the fantastic food….some will also choose to celebrate with alcohol. Drivers need to remember that if they choose to drink, they will need to choose not to drive. Although you may feel fine, a couple of drinks may put you over the limit. That is why Safe Communities of Pickaway County and local law enforcement want to remind you that if you don’t “Drive Sober”, you will get “Pulled Over” this Holiday Season. Law Enforcement has already added extra patrols, and will continue to do so through the New Year’s Celebrations. Celebrate responsibly and plan ahead…..designate a driver before the festivities begin.

    “The Holidays are such a special time of year”, noted Teresa C. Carper, Director for Safe Communities of Pickaway County. “Whether it is a family get together near Christmas, or a party to ring in the New Year, safety should be the greatest gift this Holiday Season. We encourage motorists to think before the drink and get behind the wheel.”

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is reminding everyone that driving impaired has become a terrible killer on our nation’s highways. Each year, an average of 10,322 people are killed by drunk drivers. This time of year is especially dangerous with the increase in parties and festivities. In December 2012, 830 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes that involved at least one drunk driver or motorcycle rider. Even a little alcohol can make a big difference in a driver’s ability. The bottom line is that it is never okay to drive after drinking….”Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving”.

    So Pickaway County Drivers……follow the tips presented by NHTSA and your Safe Communities of Pickaway County Program by designating a sober driver if you plan to involve alcohol this Holiday Season.

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