Fatalities Continue to Increase in Pickaway County


    Two more fatalities in November is adding to a growing list that concerns traffic safety advocates. During the Holiday Season, the numbers only add to this growing concern. The Safe Communities of Pickaway County program and local law enforcement are already working to get the word out that this time of year is particularly dangerous for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

    “This time of year is particularly dangerous due to a number of factors”, stated Safe Communities of Pickaway County Director Teresa C. Carper. “All of us have our minds elsewhere with all the festivities, which adds to distractions. Furthermore, all the extra parties add to the potential of drivers being impaired.”

    Many individuals who would not normally drink and drive may do so during the Holiday Season while attending parties and special events. Just one of two drinks may not seem a lot to a driver, however even the smallest amount of alcohol can make a person impaired. That is why the slogan of “Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving” is so important. Furthermore, nothing can impair your Holiday more than being caught driving impaired. Law enforcement is adding extra patrols, so remember to “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over”.


    Finally, please remember to “Buckle Up Day and Night”. In Pickaway County, a large number of traffic fatalities have resulted in a driver or passenger who did not wear their seat belt.

    To find more information on traffic safety tips, Safe Communities of Pickaway County recommends visiting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website at www.nhtsa.gov .

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