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Woman Takes Off in SUV From Traffic Stop in Circleville


In a recent series of events, Circleville police officers were faced with a challenging situation that ended with an arrest. The incident, which unfolded on May 1, 2024, involved a traffic stop initiated by Officer Alexander Estrada.

Officer Estrada was patrolling in a marked CPD cruiser when he conducted a traffic stop on a gold GMC Envoy. The vehicle, initially stopped near the intersection of E. Main St. and S. Washington St., raised suspicions due to fictitious license plates linked to a white Dodge truck.

Upon approaching the vehicle, Officer Estrada identified the driver as David Schwalbauch, who was found to be operating the vehicle with a suspended driver’s license. Additionally, the passenger, identified as Judy Buckler, also had a suspended driver’s license.

As Officer Estrada informed Schwalbauch and Buckler about the intended impoundment of the vehicle due to no driver’s license, no insurance, and no legal tags, Buckler became argumentative, asserting that she lived in the vehicle and could not allow it to be towed. Despite warnings, Buckler entered the driver’s seat and fled the scene without authorization.

A pursuit ensued, with Officer Estrada and backup officer William Carver activating their emergency lights and sirens. The pursuit ended when Buckler stopped near the intersection of E. Franklin St. and S. Washington St.

Officer Estrada positioned his vehicle in front of the Envoy, while Officer Carver positioned his cruiser behind it. After repeated commands for Buckler to exit the vehicle went unheeded, officers approached and physically removed her from the car.

During the arrest, Buckler resisted, requiring officers to employ physical force to gain control. Ultimately, Buckler was subdued, arrested, and transported to the Pickaway County Jail without further incident.

The vehicle was impounded, and Buckler was cited for various offenses, including driving under suspension, resisting arrest, failure to comply, and obstructing official business.

The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of law enforcement duties and the dedication of Circleville police officers to uphold public safety and enforce the law.