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Video Released in Large Brawl in Chillicothe Resulting in Multiple Arrests


CHILLICOTHE – In the early hours of Sunday, April 28th, chaos erupted in a strip mall parking lot in Chillicothe, Ohio, leading to a significant police response and several arrests.

Reports flooded in of a large crowd engaged in physical altercations near Cheap Tobacco, Wobbly Ghost Bar, and Advanced Auto. Chillicothe Police and assisting agencies rushed to the scene to find multiple fights underway, with individuals actively involved in brawls.

Among the chaos, one individual, described as wearing a white hoodie and a mask, was spotted allegedly assaulting multiple people. Following a brief foot pursuit, officers managed to apprehend the suspect, identified as Dacoma Lett. Lett faces charges of disorderly conduct and obstructing official business.

Another individual, Lazae Lett, was also taken into custody on charges of disorderly conduct-fighting and resisting arrest. According to police accounts, Lett was initially involved in a physical altercation and refused to comply with officers’ orders. Despite attempts to subdue Lett, including the use of a taser, the individual continued to cause disruptions at the scene.

Additionally, Danica Moore found herself under arrest for disorderly conduct by intoxication. Police officers noted Moore’s extreme level of intoxication upon arrival at the scene.

On the scene were not only Chillicothe Police, but Ross County Deputies, and Ohio State Highway patrol. In the video, you can watch as the chaos does not stop simply because the police are present.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges law enforcement faces in maintaining public order and safety, particularly in situations involving large-scale disturbances. Chillicothe Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the altercation and the individuals involved.