Home News Woman Attacked at Walmart with a 10 Pound Log of Ground Beef

Woman Attacked at Walmart with a 10 Pound Log of Ground Beef


SOUTH EUCLID – Two women were separated and one woman was arrested after a fight at Walmart involving a meat log.

According to South Euclid Police on 4:18pm: Officers were dispatched to Walmart, the potato chip aisle, for a disturbance between two women.

Upon arrival, officers learned one woman had a protection order out against the other, stemming from an incident(s) from when the two resided in the same duplex in University Heights.

When the two made eye contact with one another, the protected party was confronted by the other woman, who threatened to “beat her ***” as well as her 7 year old daughter.

The woman pulled down her COVID-19 mask and attempted to spit at her. When she missed, she entered the other woman’s shopping cart, and struck her in the face with a 10 pound log of prepackaged meat.

Officers arrested the 25-year-old Cleveland woman and charged her with Assault and Violating a Temporary Protection Order. When arrested, her 5-year-old child was turned over to another family member. A criminal history check revealed a history of violent behavior and multiple warrants out for her arrest. It is unknown as to what initially led to the beef between the two women.