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Wittich’s Upgrades 20 year old Sign


CIRCLEVILLE – Once in a while this Icon store of Circleville makes a few changes.  Not many though, still the nations oldest family owned and operated candy shop!  With 178 Years in business one of their slogans is, “We make history everyday.”  Located at 117 West High Street in Circleville the shop offers hand made candies, a old fashioned soda fountain, and lots of fun goodies.

According to Wittich’s it was time to upgrade the sign.  The letters under the sign box were old and worn and the sign needed a little shine back to it, but they didn’t just toss away the old sign they refurbished it and made it better.  The lit part of the sign was saved, repainted and cleaned up, so it would shine better than before.  A custom made box was made underneath so Wittich’s could offer its specials in the same way as before.