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Without Her: Empowering Ross County’s Story, a Local SmallBusiness Worth Supporting on Small Business Saturday


CHILLICOTHE, OHIO, November 25th, 2023 — Ross County’s own Jessica Griesheimer, an aspiring filmmaker, is paving the way for a unique local venture that’s much more than a film—it’s a community-driven small business with a profound cause.

“Without Her,” a feature-length film project by Griesheimer, is set to tackle the pressing issue of domestic violence, illuminating the often-overlooked perspective of pets in abusive households. Narrated from the heart of a victim’s dog, this emotionally charged film aims to raise awareness and ignite change, starting from our very own community.

As Small Business Saturday approaches, Griesheimer urges local residents to consider supporting “Without Her” as a local small business endeavor. “We’re not just making a film; we’re creating opportunities for change right here in Ross County,” says Griesheimer, who is also spearheading efforts alongside Ross County Community Action and the recently named Rose House to establish the
county’s first pet-friendly domestic violence shelter.

Highlighting the community’s unity, local business Danbarry Cinema is generously supporting the film by providing moviegoers with an exclusive chance to view the “Without Her” trailer before the screening of their favorite movies. This partnership extends the narrative beyond the screen and directly engages the community in the project’s mission.

“The support from Danbarry Cinema amplifies our message and encourages community involvement in a unique way,” emphasizes Griesheimer.

By contributing to “Without Her” on Small Business Saturday, residents can be part of an innovative local business initiative while actively supporting a cause that aims to make a tangible difference.

The crowdfunding campaign, seeking $18,000 through Indiegogo, offers various support levels, starting from as little as $1.00. In return, backers can receive unique perks ranging from personalized dog portraits and social media shoutouts to exclusive film credits and VIP access to the world premiere.

You can join in shining a spotlight on Ross County’s resilience, supporting a local small business this Small Business Saturday, and championing a cause that transcends cinematic boundaries.

To contribute or learn more about the “Without Her,” Project, visit the campaign on Indiegogo: https://igg.me/at/withouthermovie/x#/