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Why Level 3 Snow Emergencies Are Declared with Caution


PICKAWAY – Levels 1, 2, and 3 are all levels put on the individual counties by the Sheriff of the county, but only Level 3 has serious effects on the county.

Level 1 is mostly an alert telling residents of the county that roadways may be hazardous with blowing and/or drifting snow. Roads may also be icy. Drive with caution.

Level 2 advised motorists of the county that roadways are extremely hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roadways are also icy. Only those persons who feel it is necessary to drive should be out on the roadways. Your employer should be contacted to see if you should report to work.

Level 3 is a direct order that, ALL ROADWAYS ARE CLOSED to non-emergency traffic. No one should be out during these conditions unless it is absolutely necessary to travel. All persons should contact their employer to see if they should report to work. THOSE TRAVELING ON THE ROADWAYS MAY SUBJECT THEMSELVES TO ARREST.

The reason why some Sheriffs don’t declare this level is because Level 3 declaration impacts businesses and medical facilities. It is incumbent upon all employers in County, both public and private, to make educated decisions that are in the best interest of their employees. It also takes away choice, making it illegal to leave your home.

I think most people are home at this point in time and have been due to the storm being heavy most of the day. People already know the seriousness of this storm. Some sheriffs that haven’t declared may do so in the morning.