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Why are dogs great pets? Mankind’s Best Dog Friend Forever for real!


In the Doghouse – Nobody truly knows how long the relationship between mankind and dogs has lasted. Leaping back in time, early Mesopotamians 5000 years ago carved images of dogs with elaborate collars. Other Mesopotamian art shows large dogs restrained with thick collars and leashes. Searching the Internet you can read a story in Homer’s Odyssey dating to the 8 th century BCE where Argos (dog) waited 20 years for his owner to return. But, the oldest evidence of a “pet” relationship could be from Germany where researchers found a domesticated dog buried alongside two humans dating back 14,000 years.

Today there are far too many distractions in our lives, so we think, and it is hard to find the time for our BDFF’s. A busy life is even more of a reason for you to adopt a dog from the Pickaway County Dog Shelter. According to the CDC, studies show that human health benefits from owning a dog include:

 Decreased blood pressure
 Decreased cholesterol and triglyceride levels
 Decreased feelings of loneliness
 Increased exercise and outdoor activity
 Increased socialization

I should note that adopting your BDFF from the shelter is not the same as owning a dog. The best friend thing requires that you spend quality time beyond throwing some food and water at them and letting them out the door to potty. If nothing else, consider spending less time staring at your phone and more time with your BDFF.

Can your phone do tricks for a bite of whatever you’re eating?

Is your phone going to clean up the food you dropped on the kitchen floor?
Is your phone going to scare away a salesperson at your front door?

Can you teach your phone to fetch the dog? I guarantee a good dog can do all these things and even fetch your phone when its ringing…not sure I’d put a phone covered in dog slobber up to my ear.

What does your dog get out of it? They are the happiest when they belong to a pack, i.e. you and your family.