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Who Was Arrested on Friday in Ross County?


ROSS – Who was arrested in Ross County Yesterday 1/14/22. The list of individuals below was arrested and charged with a crime by one of Ross County law enforcement groups. Everyone is presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law

LHAMON, DANIEL, 34 2967.15 – Violating Parole Adult Parole Authority

MORTON, BRADLEY, 61 4511.19A1A – OVI Ross County Sheriff’s Office

SEWARD, BRANDON, 26 2921.31 – Obstructing Official Business Chillicothe Police Department

WITHROW, GERREN, 35 2913.02A1 – Theft _ without consent Ross County Sheriff’s Office

GRAVES, ROLAND, 38 2967.15 – Violating Parole Ohio State Highway Patrol

SNOW, CHARLES, 41 2913.02A1 – Theft _ without consent; 2911.21 – Criminal
Trespass; 2911.13 – Breaking and Entering
Ross County Sheriff’s Office

HONAKER, LEONA, 24 2913.02A1 – Theft _ without consent; 2911.13 – Breaking
and Entering; 2911.21 – Criminal Trespass
Ross County Sheriff’s Office