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What Is a Baby Shower and How to Organize This Party?


Expecting a baby is always a kind of the happiest feast. And it is a wonderful tradition for expectant parents to make a Baby Shower party to show their friends and relatives their happiness with the future replenishment in the family.
For the first time, Baby Shower, a party held a few months before the birth, appeared in America after WWII. Previously, such a party was organized by the friends of the expectant mother but today, more and more often, the future parents themselves are trying to arrange a holiday before the birth of the baby.
What Is a Baby Shower Party?
Baby Shower refers to the party that is organized to unveil the sex of the child. Expectant parents want to share this moment with their loved ones and receive a real shower of gifts for a baby. For this, often, special decorations are used.
As the main topic of the party is the intrigue around the child expected to be born, these decorations are usually created in pastel and bright colors. The main colors for the event are, no doubt, blue and pink to represent boys and girls.
Sometimes, parents do not want to keep their guests intrigued, so they from the very start choose one color shade for all party elements. In other cases, when they need to keep the secret until a certain moment during the Baby Shower party, parents can combine blue and pink decorations.
The main parts of the Baby Shower party are as follows:
Meeting and greeting expectant parents.
Gift-giving for a baby and baby’s parents.
Official announcement about the baby made by mom and dad.
Then it’s party time to have fun and share the joy. The scenario for a Baby Shower party may vary depending on tastes and trends that expectant parents share. But an indispensable part of each Baby Shower party is decorations. Let’s consider which decorations are the most attractive and trendy today.
Baby Shower Party Decorations: Ideas and Trends
Decorations help to maintain a very special atmosphere for the Baby Shower party. So, it is better to pay as much attention to them as possible. The main elements of each party of that kind are as follows:
Balloons that can be just placed everywhere or gathered in fancy decorations, arcs, and compositions. They are symbols of childhood, maternity, and pregnancy as well. Besides, there is a trendy tradition to place the note with the baby’s sex inside one big balloon to offer expectant parents to pierce it and unveil the secret at the peak moment of the party. Pastel or shiny gold and silver balloons will suit that party the most. Besides, there are even special balloon kits for a Baby Shower party available in the market. For example, you can get them at https://balloons.online/baby-shower-balloons/.
Fresh flowers are also a good idea. Create floral compositions to decorate walls, tables, and photo zones of the party. The only exception for fresh flowers is allergy. If the expectant mom suffers from allergies, it is better to avoid using floral decorations.
Paperwork decorations also can work well for the Baby Shower party. Use kraft paper and special stickers to create the atmosphere of the party.
Candies and cakes are also one of the most popular ideas for Baby Shower parties. What can be sweeter than the baby? So, cakes and candy bar zone may place an accent on the sweetness of the event.
All these decorations can be used in a wonderful combo. They may create that happy and childish atmosphere with a light veil of tenderness that is characteristic of a Baby Shower party. So, take them as an idea when you plan to hold that happiest event for parents-to-be.