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Wendy’s Launches Barge Restaurant in Seattle

photo: wendys facebook

SEATTLE – Yesterday Wendys took to the water with a new full sized restaurant at The University of Washington in Seattle.

According to Wendy’s facebook they are already serving burgers on the barge, but the question is why? For Ohioians that have never traveled to Seattle they wouldn’t understand whats going on in the Central Waterfront that used to be the hub for maritime activity but now has been converted to recreational and retail uses making the area including its docks and waterfront destinations.

Several parks, an aquarium and a over-the water hotel in this area already. There are cruise ship ports where tourism comes off the high capacity boats regularly. Sections of Seattle are more easily accessible from ferries than by car travel because of only two bridges that cross the waters. This makes barges like Wendys a quick trip from pier to pier. So what better way to cross the water on a barge that sells hamburgers?

According to Wendy’s website and facebook they are already in operation and they offer a full restaurant menu from dock to dock while crossing Lake Washington.