Home News Waverly Schools Close for Rest of Week for Staffing Issues

Waverly Schools Close for Rest of Week for Staffing Issues


WAVERLY – Waverly schools says that they are still trying to stop the spread in their schools after a long holiday break and are using calamity days for the rest of the week

According to a Facebook post, “At Waverly City Schools, our number one priority is to have in person learning. Although these calamity days have helped our staffing issue, it still remains somewhat of a problem at this time. In order to hopefully help with the spread, get our staff healthy and after reviewing the weather report for tomorrow, Waverly City Schools will be closed Thursday, January 20th and Friday, January 21st. Students and staff will return on Monday, January 24th and masks will remain required next week. We will also extend the 2nd nine weeks until January 28th in order to give students an opportunity to complete school work. Thank you for your understanding.”

This is the second time they have closed for multiple days for staffing issues in the school. On 1/02/22 they canceled multiple days just after the holiday break. Since then they have mandated masks in the school.