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Want to Be a Giant Pumpkin Grower? The Time is Now, You Are Invited to the Giant Pumpkin Growers Meeting


PICKAWAY COUNTY – The Circleville Giant Pumpkin growers are inviting you to attend an educational meeting on pumpkin growing.

The meeting will be held on Sunday April 16, at 1:30 pm in the Crites-Hannon Room at the Circleville Main Library, 1160 N. Court St. Bring along a note pad and pencil so you can jot down the tips from the growers who will be there to answer your questions after a power point presentation. We have growers with large patches, small patches and in town backyard patches. Each grower may have a unique tip that might be just right for your growing area. The more informed we can make those wanting to grow giants, the sooner we will have pumpkins 2000 pounds and more at the show.
First year growers will be able to sign up to get free plants to be given away May 21st and enter our Charlie Brown Contest. Prizes go to the top three pumpkins weighed at the Circleville Pumpkin Show from these plants.

You may decide to join our club for a nominal fee ($5.). The club discussion and business meeting will be held afterwards. The summer patch tour and picnic in always a highlight during the growing season. Help with questions about your patch is only a phone call away.