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Wal-Mart ‘Mystery Odor’ Still Lingers After 5 Days – Video Shows Massive Problem


On Friday, July 21st, customers and employees alike were caught offguard when a leak developed in the Circleville Wal-Mart which flooded the dairy section. Despite the mega-store’s best efforts, the odor which customers have described as “Like a livestock farm” continues to linger in much of the building.

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We quoted an employee as referencing the issue as potentially being linked to a sewage overflow in the building.

As per the video clip, you can hear employees and customers comment on the state of events this past Friday:

I can’t even breathe

It smells like raw sewage

I’m holding my nose

Oh it’s awful. How are they even open?

We were standing here when it just started shooting out…That shouldn’t be around the food.

We attempted to reach the local Wal-Mart manager for comment, and were advised he was unavailable.

UPDATE: Many people on social media and one WalMart shopper asked, “Why are they still open?” The Pickaway County General Health District was not able to immediately provide an official statement. We did learn that the Health Department had visited the WalMart on Friday to investigate the smell; however, they had not gotten a report that there was raw sewage spilt on the floor until they watched the Scioto Post video. There is a plan to revisit the site on Friday, July 28 in the morning with an inspector from the county building department to find out why the smell is occurring and to discover if there is a building issue.

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  1. They say they can’t breathe, the smell is awful, they know it’s raw sewage, and they even saw it spray out of somewhere, yet they continue walking around filming and trying to buy stuff?

      • Im not stupid. I am video taping for the public… raw sewage under all the coolers bubbling out, so now do you want to eat that food that the packages have raw sewage on? go ahead grab a bag.. bet you 9-out of 10 you dont know what your grabbing with contaminated bags or boxed food.please dont call me names or stupid. not nice.

  2. where is the health department i agree they don’t care about their customers or their employees

  3. It really stinks. I was in there tonight and I could not stand the smell. They need to do something about it. The Health Department needs to step in also.

  4. Been there smelled it and left did not go past where I first smelled it ,went to krogers!

  5. The mangement down there just want to walk around and spray air freshener which makes the worse. I go in the are grab milk and get out as fast as I can. I feel sorry for the employees that have to work back in there . I agree I can’t believe the health department hasn’t come and shut them down til this problem is completely solved. That’s pickaway county for you.

  6. The same smell was there when I was shopping on the 22nd. My daughters and I thought someone had took a major dump in their pants and was walking around the store! We could smell it in the crafts area.

  7. I was in there last night and omg the smell but I had to get my son stuff for school and i thought I was gonna die it smelled like dirty diapers everywhere

  8. First of all we was video taping.. if we had not you be eating food that raw sewage bubbled up in cooler where you saw it leaking out. The point of my video was to alert public. People that wasnt there and rude comments… are un called for. But your welcome Public and Circleville

  9. It won’t contaminate the food! It’s coming from the floor, not the freezers! The food is inside the freezers! With that being said they should be shut down until the problem is fixed! That’s gross!

  10. Your post (video taping as you keep saying) is for attention only. You even tell the worker who asks you to step back that you are looking for tea to have someone get for you! No glory for you dear.

  11. I was there with my kids on Thursday and noticed the smell. To me it smelled faintly of like cat pee or something like that. I was shopping over in the housewares side of the store and the smell was noticeable but not enough to make me leave. Makes me feel better that I wasn’t just imagining the smell though.

  12. Looks like to me,they had a lot of milk go bad and poured it down the drain and with all the rain it backed up into store.

  13. Honestly ists prolly calcium build up n the pipes from not being replaced in a timely manner

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