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“Wait Till I Get Out Ill Kill You,” Says Man to Judge in Chillicothe Court Room


CHILLICOTHE – A man became defiant after a Chillicothe Judge handed down 180-day sentence.

According to the Chillicothe Police department on Wednesday James D. Seward was arraigned James had two charges dismissed but was sentenced on a previous plea agreement. James was sentenced to 180 in jail but was
given credit for eight days. After he was sentenced James began being belligerent and cursing. James kept saying I’m going to tear up the jail. James was warned by Judge John B. Street to be quiet and not interrupt the proceedings.

James continued to yell and curse. James was told that he would be held in contempt of court if he stated anything else. James continued to be belligerent and curse. James was told by Judge Street that he was in contempt and sentenced him to thirty more days in jail. James then yelled let’s go for prison time. James continued with his behavior.

James told judge Street ” Wait till I get out and I’ll kill you motherfucker.” James was then removed from the jail arraignment room.

Chillicothe Police said that they would be putting together a grand jury packet to present to the next session of the grand jury for a charge of Intimidation on James.