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Village of Ashville Plans Rehabilitation Project for Worst Street in Town, Randolph Street


Ashville – Council is aiming to turn one of the worst roads in Ashville into the best road, while doing so they will make a template for future projects.

The Village of Ashville in Ohio is embarking on a significant rehabilitation project aimed at revitalizing Randolph Street. The project, which is part of Ashville’s Vision Statement, will involve resurfacing, changing the elevation of the road surface, establishing curbs, adding sidewalks, landscaping, and creating off-street parking.

Located between Madison Avenue and West Station, the targeted area spans from 118 Randolph to 51 Station Street West. Randolph Street has suffered from significant deterioration of its roadway surface over the years, leading to considerable water runoff issues. Additionally, past pavement applications have buried the curbs, and the sidewalk on the east side is no longer visible or usable due to insufficient milling during pavement applications.

To address these issues, the project’s objectives include milling Randolph Street to reestablish a reduced elevation, resurfacing the street, establishing ADA-compliant sidewalks, and creating curbs and off-street parking spaces, along with landscaping.

“The rehabilitation of Randolph Street is a crucial project for our community,” said Ashville. “By addressing the deteriorating infrastructure and enhancing the streetscape, we aim to transform one of our worst roads into a model for future roadway projects.”

The total cost of the project is estimated at $705,938, with Ashville seeking $470,000 dollar grant of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funding. The Village of Ashville will cover the remaining balance of $235,000 through various funding sources, including Street Funds, Motor Vehicle Funds, Water Other Capital Outlay Funds, and Stormwater Other Capital Outlay Funds.

Resolution 02-2024 has been passed to provide legislative support for the project’s submission, accompanied by the Fiscal Officer Certification of Funds and the 2024 Permanent Expense Appropriation Budget.

As Ashville moves forward with its plans to rehabilitate Randolph Street, residents can look forward to improved infrastructure and a more vibrant community environment.