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Vandalism Warning From Amanda and Stoutsville


AMANDA – “if anyone in Amanda saw anything last night please come forward. Our Durango was shot multiple times, the officers also found a place on my van that was shot, said Mike Norman on his facebook post.

According to Norman last night someone was in the area shooting  a BB gun at peoples property trying to cause damage.

According to local authorities similar incident last night in Stoutsville as well.

Norman said that,”the sheriff was heading to the same thing that happened in Stoutsville after giving his report. Just another example of why we need a Sheriff patrolling Amanda on a regular basis.  We have teens that are allowed to walk our streets at very late hours, the village of Amanda does not have a curfew and no patrolling sheriff to enforce the law.

Damages will be covered by insurance but Norman said.”Yeah we just found out our insurance is requiring a $500 deductible for this, Liberty Mutual is the company, I think that is so wrong in so many ways that I have to pay for something because someone decided to shoot our vehicles…
If a tree fell on the car that’s a different story, it’s out of everyone’s control, but when a police report is filed and there were multiple problems in our area on the same night, insurance should do the right thing.”

If you saw something in Stoutsville or Amanda last night please call the Sheriffs Department



  1. I live near Leistville and also came home Monday night to a blown out rear window in my truck. Only about 10 minutes from Stoutsville, but in Pickaway County. Window is also fixed now with exception of having it retinted to match the one I lost. Insurance covering glass only (not the aftermarket tint which was in place when I purchased the truck. I agree it stinks that we pay huge premiums to cover for “losses” only to still have to pay to have the losses replaced. I hope they find and bust whoever is doing this.

  2. Goodness. I feel for the people this happened to, it sure is frustrating when something is damaged outside of your control. Insurance is absolutely a scam, but they make sure it’s a well- documented one. Paperwork typically makes a distinction between “act of God” damage (storm damage, tree falling) and vandalism or anything else caused by humans. There’s also the option to have a $0 deductible, but you’ll sure pay a few pennies for it in higher premiums.

    Great idea to have a sheriff around to keep an eye on things! What are we talking here, contract with the county to have someone swing through on a regular basis? Hire somebody local and set them up with an office, patrol car (plus gas & maintenance) and whatever other equipment and necessities they need? Either one is going to cost a little bit, how much of a tax increase are we thinking will cover it?

  3. Acts of vandalism fall under comprehensive coverage. So do fire, theft, falling/flying objects, and animal hits. You will pay out whatever your deductible amount is for comprehensive coverage. In this case, his deductible was set at $500. It’s usually not much more in premium to decrease comprehensive deductibles. Decreasing collision deductibles typically result in a more significant increase to premiums.

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