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US Postal Service Warns Vaccine Rules Could Affect Delivery

U.S. Postal Service trucks are lined up in Miami Beach, Fla. The agency says that without emergency funding from Congress, it could run out of money within months.

US – The US Post office is raising concerns about vaccine mandates after weekly COVID testing could result in more delays and absenteeism within the delivery service.

The rules would mandate that testing employees could cause serious delays, a system called ETS or Emergency Temporary Standard “will be extremely challenging to implement and administer during the height of our peak season, particularly given its expedited schedule.” 

Also Compliance with the mandate, ” “could result in labor challenges and high levels of absenteeism.” Some employees could opt to leave, which “could cause significant business disruptions, and could adversely impact service performance and result in lower mail volume and revenue.” 

So due to this new mandate Chrismas may come late, we will see as this unfolds during this very heavy time for USPS