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Update – Pickaway County Law Enforcement Saves Zebra Owner From Attacks


PICKAWAY – In most dangerous events law enforcement is sent into the situation to nullify any dangers before first aid first responders can come in and administer care, in this situation Deputy Oberley came in clutch in defending a man who was attacked by his farm Zebra.

According to Pickaway County sheriff’s office, on 3/12/23 at 5:35 pm, they were called to the area of 6993 Darby Road in Circleville on the report of a Zebra attack. The zebra owner reported that a male zebra on his farm got aggressive with him while in the pasture with six female zebras. That zebra had bit him and he was bleeding excessively.

When deputies arrived at the farm, Deputy Oberley drove back to the property with his cruiser and into the pasture where he found the victim laying on the ground and the male zebra in close proximity. The deputy then used the patrol vehicle to shield the man from the zebra. In the report, Deputy Oberley reported that the large male zebra then charged the driver’s side of his door and was acting very hostile. The deputy then used his air horn on his vehicle to scare the zebra back and he was able to exit the vehicle. When he found the man bleeding on the ground he used a tourniquet on his arm to slow the bleeding and then helped move the man to where medics could help him.

In the report, several deputies were called to the scene and reported as they moved the man to first responders the zebra continued to be aggressive and move toward deputies. They used a stick several times to keep the zebra at bay, but while they were moving the man the zebra moved too close and a deputy on scene had to shoot the zebra due to its aggressive nature.

The man was transported to Grant hospital with serious injuries to his arm.