Home News Update: One of Lancaster Fire Cats Dies, Other Two in Stable Condition.

Update: One of Lancaster Fire Cats Dies, Other Two in Stable Condition.


LANCASTER – On Friday afternoon a fire broke out on Lancaster South side.

Around 2:30 pm on Friday Polcie/Fire Department were called for a fire located at 251 Mount Ida ave. in Lancaster. When police arrived the elderly woman that lives in the house told firefighters that all of the people in the home were out but her three cats were missing. The lady managed to get one animal out before firefighters arrived. The woman so distraught over her fur babies she refused to go to the hospital at first, but was later taken for smoke inhalation issues.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire and save the remaining three cats that were in the house. The cats though all needed oxygen as some were in poor condition from suffering from low oxygen levels in the home. The cats were immediately transported to Diley Hill Animal Emergency Center in Canal Winchester for treatments.

Firefighters seen here giving oxygen to house cats saved in fire

Update: According to Lancaster fire Department one of the cats did pass away the other two cats are in stable condition.

Lancaster Fire, with Pleasant Twp. and Greenfield Twp. and Hocking Twp. in for mutual aid.

Friefighters said they were able to contain the fire to kitchen area mostly but there is smoke, water, and heat damage throughout the home.