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Update on Boys in Smith Hulse Road Accident


CIRCLEVILLE – The accident on Smith Hulse road involved 4 teenagers, 3 of those teens were lifeflighted with significant injuries from the rollover accident where they were thrown from the car.  I am going to give status updates, but I have been asked to keep some of the names of the boys private.

  • Boy 1 :  Was treated and released with cuts bumps and a lot of brusing
  • Boy 2 : Driver is recovering in Grant Medical with a fractured neck
  • Boy 3 : Is at OSU and has a collarbone injury and is pending pelvic surgery
  • Boy 4:  has a neck and spinal injury and is dealing with a lot of swelling causing issues.  He has had one surgery already to help relieve pressure on his spinal cord.  He will have another surgery late next week, it is a waiting game for him at this point.  The family is asking for prayers and support while they go through this dramatic time.  As they don’t know the outcome of the situation and positive words and prayers will help them on the Sciotopost thread or contacting them directly.

As you can see these boys have paid for their choices with some serious injuries please lets stop any negativity and lets push through this will positive the way I know Circleville can.