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Update: Homeowner of Pickaway St. Drug House Charged


Circleville – Update, owner of raided home on Pickaway Street Sherri Davis, 57 of Circleville has now also been arrested.

Davis who also lives at the 513 Pickaway property was arrested earlier this month on charges of allowing drug use in her property. Since then she posted bail and went back into the same situation, allowing drug use in her property. She was arrested hours after the initial bust but was walked out of the home in handcuffs and taken to Pickaway County jail. Her charges are more serious this time Trafficking in drugs (prepare), obtain, possess, use of controlled substances (2), and permitting drug use again. This is the third time in less than 30 days this location has been raided.

SGT. Hafey of Circleville Police Department said, “we will actively pursue drug dealers and people who harbor drug activities until they stop or we drive them out of Circleville.”

Rest of the info from yesterday’s bust

Today the US Marshal SOFAST team went to 513 South Pickaway Street looking for a wanted person. Once at the residence, a vast amount of narcotics and drug paraphernalia were located inside. A total of nine people were charged in relation to today’s incident. They are as follows:

Ronnie Hill, 32 of Circleville – F3 Trafficking in Drugs, F4 Trafficking in Drugs and 2 counts of F5 Possession of Drugs

Michael Manby, 36 of Circleville – F5 Possession of Methamphetamine, Permitting Drug Abuse and Violation of Probation

Joseph Hashman, 40 of Circleville, – Permitting Drug Abuse

Bryan Carpenter, 33 of Circleville – F2 Trafficking in Heroin, F3 Possession of Drugs and Permitting Drug Abuse

Whitney Ackley, 23 of Circleville – Permitting Drug Abuse

Keisha Lalone, 32 of Circleville -Permitting Drug Abuse

Paulica Haddox, 32 of Circleville -Drug Abuse

Shawn Feasel, 49 of Circleville – Permitting Drug Abuse

Unnamed person (not arrested at the scene) – F2 Trafficking in Drugs, F3 Possession of Drugs, F5 Possession of Drugs and Permitting Drug Abuse – A warrant has been requested.

This was all made possible by a collaboration with the Circleville Probation Department and the US Marshal’s SOFAST unit. By agencies working together, we are able to accomplish great things in our community.

Two weeks ago during Pumpkin show Circleville and the SOFAST team also did a raid at the same home heres that video

Two weeks before that another bust happened at the same location this one was from October 4, 2019