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Update: Dirty Spoons Report Retraction Pickaway Elementary


PICKAWAY – Recently we published a dirty spoons report on the monthy reports done by the board of health on restaurants and facilities that handle and serve food, we reported on locations that had violations and the ones that did not in the report.

We were contacted by Pickaway Elementary on retraction to a major code violation that happened this month at the school. According to the report a dishwasher machine did not have the proper gauges to determine if the machine was hot enough to sanitize, flagging the critical violation.

Jim Wolfe Principal of Pickaway Elementary has supplied a new report that a critical violation did not exist and they should not have been cited in the report.

Wolfe also supplied a PDF of the report showing that the facility has a separate component that ensures that dishes are being properly sanitized, this was a known set up, but during the inspection the inspector was not made aware of that component, causing that violation.

The Health Department did revisit prior to my report and that critical violation was removed, but The Heath Department failed to update its online report. Pickaway Elementary was not in violation in this situation.

I have attached the PDF as proof. Pickaway_Township_School_-_PrintInspection