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Update on Commercial Point Fatal Accident, Mom in Desperate Need for Help


COMMERCIAL POINT – On Sunday December 9th, local law enforcement pursued a driver on US 23 after calls to dispatch regarding reckless operation. The event led to two toddlers in critical condition and the fatality of the driver.

Scioto Post: State Highway Patrol Releases Names Victims in Crash

We have learned more about the family dealing with the aftermath. As per family and friends, one of the two toddlers, Rojer, has passed away at Children’s Hospital. The younger child injured, Caissen, suffered two broken legs, a broken arm, and a fractured skull but is breathing on his own and is able to squeeze his mother’s hand.

To add to the difficulty of this horrific situation, the mother, Sarah Cruz-Martinez, who was legally separated from the driver, Yoni Martinez, is fighting a battle with Lukemia and skin cancer. She is currently unable to make treatment appointments due to both financial difficulty and the hospitalization of her children. To add to the difficulties, she lives in West Union Oho, approximately 2 hours from Children’s hospital in Columbus with he cancer appointments in Cincinnati Ohio.

Family and friends are desperately seeking contributions to a Gofundme which was set up prior to Sunday’s wreck. The Scioto Post has verified to the best of its ability that the campaign will go to Sarah to help her with this extreme event in her families life.

To contribute  please visit the link below

Click here to support Mom Of 7 With Leukemia & Skin Cancer organized by SARAH CRUZ-Martinez

My name is Sarah Cruz-Martinez. I am a mother of 7 amazing children. I am trying to raise money to provide for my kids and my many trips back and forth to UC for chemotherapy, radiation and platelet and blood infusions. Any thing helps, so please donate.

In a show of support, a family friend sent us the following statement regarding Sarah:

“There is an amazing woman I know. She’s not only battling acute myeloid leukemia and leukemia cutis but recently she found out that her estranged husband and two of her kids were in a bad wreck. Her husband passed away at the scene and rojer,4, passed away at nationwide childrens. Caissen is still in ICU and will need surgeries and has a long road ahead of him. Sarah Cruz Martinez is supposed to have a stem cell transplant in January, but she has put her health on the back burner for now. But she needs prayers and so does her other 5 children. Sarah is strong, Sarah is a hero through many eyes, she is a friend, and mostly she is an amazing mother. It don’t matter how strong of a person you are, you are never ready to hear the devastating news that she had to hear on December 9th. Her main focus now is getting Caissen better and back home with her and making arrangements. There has been a go fund me page that has been made https://www.gofundme.com/6ewrey0, she has not updated it since the tragic accident. Also there is bank account set up in her name at First state banks in Adams county.

Thank you for your consideration.”