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Update – Circleville Votes to Pay Settlement to Separate Police Chief and Deputy from Office


Circleville –  In a special meeting the City of Circleville Administration presented negotiated agreements settling the current investigation into Chief Shaun Baer and Deputy Chief Doug Davis with separation from the city.

In a 6 to 1 vote by the Circleville Council on two ordinances they agreed to pay out 70,000 to Chief Baer within seven days and payment of 521 hours of personal vacation and sick leave for around 24,000 dollars adding up to 94,000 dollars. In return, Baer will retire as Chief retaining his retirement.

Davis also agreed to receive a lump sum of 69,000 dollars within seven days plus a payout of 319 hours of paid time off adding up to a total of 83,000 dollars.

In the agreement, the city will stop investigations into harassment, intimidation, retaliation, threats of discipline, misuse of position, improper expenditures, failure to adhere to deadlines, and timekeeping violations along with civil rights violations, and misconduct.

Along with the payout Councilperson Brooks reported that the city paid law firms 50,000 dollars to handle the cases.

A statement by the city reads, “The decision to enter into a separation agreement with Chief Baer and Deputy Chief Davis was made to avoid further disruption in the city’s police department and minimize future legal costs incurred by the city.”

Councilwoman Katie Logan Hedges who voted yes on both ordinances gave a statement, “I am deeply saddened that this is where we are, but this is right for the department and right for the city. We have an obligation to provide leadership and sustainability to the police department and service to the citizens of Circleville and unfortunately, this is the quickest way to do that.”

Councilman Brooks who voted no said that he was, ‘disgusted,” and he felt there was, “no justice. When two men can do so much wrong in our community and commit so many atrocious acts against our police officers and the city can hand over 140,000 dollars. I just hope more comes from state investigations, and I hope they get what they deserve.”

Brooks told Sciotopost that he did agree that this was the cheapest way, but still stood by his vote.

There is also a non-disparagement clause, which reads:

“The parties agree that neither will disparage one another. Further, the parties agree that they shall mutually assist one another, as necessary.”