Home News Two Ross County Firefighters Injured in Overnight Fire

Two Ross County Firefighters Injured in Overnight Fire


ROSS – Two firefighters are recovering from injuries from a overnight fire.

According to the Scioto township fire department, the department was dispatched to a structure fire on Page road last night. Two other departments VA fire dept. and Union Twp fire department were called into mutual aid to get the blaze under control.

Two firefighters, one being Asst Chief Thompson were injured when they entered the burning building to fight the fire from the inside.

According to the department, “a tar like roofing material poured down on him,” while he was inside the burning building. AC Thompson suffered a 2nd and 3rd degree burn on his shoulder and back and was transported to Ohio State.

The fire department said that because he was wearing his safety gear it most likely prevented further injuries. The Asst Chief is home resting now recovering along with the other firefighter.