Home News Two Men Charged After Threats to Ross County EMS Personel

Two Men Charged After Threats to Ross County EMS Personel


Ross County – Two men were charged, one tasered, and arrested after threats to local EMS occurred in Ross County

According to the Ross County Sheriff’s office, a report of threats came in after an incident occurred at the Railway Express station. In the report, several EMS members became concerned when a man whom they had serviced in the past pointed at them in a shooting-type style and said, “I’m going to fuck you guys up.” Knowing the man, that they had been to his house before and knowing his history of resisting arrest, known to abuse alcohol and carry firearms they reported the incident.

Ross County Sheriff’s Department responded to the home of the man identified as Daniel Sevy. Knowing Sevys past with law enforcement several deputies arrived at the home. When they pulled into the driveway Sevy and another man identified as Andrew Bush came outside and stood on the front porch. When the officer asked for identification even though they knew who they were because of past arrests they avoided the questions with “Nah” and “Why” answers. Eventually, the two men fled from deputies into the home and the deputies pursued. During the chase, Bush attempted to stop deputies from catching Sevy by standing in front of a door. Deputies had to move Bush from their way and eventually, he would be arrested. Sevy continued to evade deputies on foot, and one of the deputies pulled his taser and fired at him while he was running away.

Sevy was served with a summons for a minor misdemeanor for disorderly conduct the original charge, and then he was charged and arrested for obstruction of official business and resisting arrest. Bush was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and obstruction. Both were booked into Ross County jail.