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Turbine-Powered 1989 Batmobile Up for Sale at Auction


US – A batmobile that started the movies is now up for auction in the 2023 Scottsdale auction a nationwide automobile auction company.

Recently the world’s only turbine-powered Batmobile made an appearance on June 12, 2022, in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the Ault Park Concours d’Elegance, where it picked up three awards.

The 20-foot-long batmobile had a jet engine of the type typically used in helicopters and produces around 365 horsepower. The vehicle can run on jet fuel, kerosene, or diesel. The vehicle is fully functioning car and ready to drive.

You now could don a mask and ride down the road as the masked crusader. The auction is open for bids soon and has No Reserve set. See the listing here: https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Media/Home/Reader/hero-car-a-turbine-powered-1989-batmobile-re-creation-ready-for-a-starring-role-on-the-auction-block/?fbclid=IwAR3w34bFkNT4NzGAfYC6EVkvCt1fsVgb3y66S3XGehb0FEE44q2JOcmkiiw