Home News Tragic Discovery in Circleville: Body Found in Apartment

Tragic Discovery in Circleville: Body Found in Apartment


Circleville residents were met with a somber scene today as authorities responded to a distressing call regarding a body discovered in a third-floor apartment located in the 100 block of South Court Street.

According to reports, the Circleville Police Department received the call around 11 am, prompting an immediate response to the scene. Upon arrival, officers made the grim discovery of a deceased individual inside the apartment. Sources indicate that the victim, identified as a female, is believed to have succumbed sometime last week. Concerned neighbors residing below the apartment had noticed troubling signs and promptly alerted the authorities.

In light of the tragic incident, Circleville Fire Department and local funeral services were summoned to assist in the removal of the body, while a cleanup crew was dispatched to the area. As of now, the identity of the deceased female remains unknown pending further investigation.

While police continue their inquiries into the matter, no evidence of foul play has been reported at this time.