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Top 7 Fishing Shirts For Comfortable Fishing


Choosing fishing apparel is a vital part of every fishing trip. Here are 7 fishing shirts that will make your waiting and reeling as comfortable as ever.

Fishing is not all about rods and baits. Undoubtedly, those are components crucial to getting the cherished catch, but are they the only ones? Hardly. You can’t catch fish with your bare hands (unless you are particularly dextrous), but rods are nothing without someone to cast them, and even the most alluring bait won’t attract anyone lying in the tackle box. Some of you might envision the image of lined-up rods chilling in holders and needing no fisher at all. You don’t need to hold your rod throughout the whole trip, but it is you who watches the bobber and reels when the time comes. If you have everything automated and your rod can reel and land the fish by itself while posting on Twitter, where is the joy in that?  

What we mean is you are the most integral part of this fishing formula. You can spend as much as you want on reels and accessories, but you should never forget about your own comfort. ‘Nah, jeans and a good-old T-shirt will do,’ some might think. Fishing apparel will not make all fish in the vicinity jump into your bucket, but it can help you wait for them to take the bait with comfort. Wearing fishing attire can even become something of a ritual when you reject everything secular and dive into the world of fishing.

Now then, what qualities should an exemplary fishing attirepossess? If we don’t take weather conditions into account (breathable for warm, insulated for cold, as easy as that), comfort should be the main priority. Your fishing attire should not restrain your movements and should not sit too tightly. As this article is about fishing shirts, we will focus on characteristics that should be taken into consideration when choosing one.

Why fishing shirts? Because they are the most universal item in a fisherman’s closet. You can wear them as a single layer on a warm day or as a base layer on a cold one. A shirt is probably the first item you’ll put on, the one that will be in constant contact with your skin, that’s why it is vital to get a good one. 

Quick Drying

Unsurprisingly, fishing involves a lot of water. Whether you fish from a bank or a boat, you are likely to get wet sooner or later. Getting wet might sound like fun if it is a hot summer day and you plan on shooting water guns with your friends (however old you are). But once you are far from home with no immediate opportunity to change, this perspective becomes less enticing. Waterproofness is a quality usually associated with outer layer clothes like jackets and pants, so there is no need to get a hardcore shirt that would repel all water away.  Something that doesn’t need an eternity to dry will do nicely.

Sun Protection

The sun is not a problem on winter days, but in summer, shirts are most likely the only barrier that gets in the way of sun rays attacking your skin. A moderate portion of vitamin D is welcome, but getting a sunburn is an experience far from pleasant. Using sunscreen can help you escape this fate, but shirts are extremely helpful as well. Sun protection fishing shirts feature fabric that negates ultraviolet rays’ influence and thus significantly reduces your chances of getting sunburn.


It’s hot and sunny outside, but if you want as much of your body covered as possible, you will probably wear a long sleeve fishing shirt. That doesn’t sound very tempting, but the sun takes no hostages, and your skin’s health is at stake. But sleeves don’t necessarily mean stuffiness. All the best fishing shirts are made from breathable fabric that doesn’t make you feel like you are in a steam bath. Unless you are wearing them in a steam bath, then nothing can help the case.

Now that we’ve covered a few points, it’s time we gave you some illustrative examples. There are several fishing clothing brands that produce one of the best fishing shirts out there.

Fishing Shirts For Men

GILLZ Men’s Contender Raglan UV Long Sleeve Shirt features Solar Tech fabric with a UPF 50+ rating that blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays, leaving the sun radiation no chance to harm your skin. Lightweight and breathable, this long sleeve shirt makes for a great base layer on colder days and comfortable stand-alone wear on warmer ones. 100% polyester repels stains and dries quickly. What else is there to wish for? Slick looks are already part of the deal.

Another crowd-pleaser, GILLZ Mens Tournament Series “Waterman Print” LS UV Shirt is a proud member of professional fishing shirt ranks. It shares the ultimate sun protection level of other Gillz shirts while enjoying some unique features. GillzTec fabric is always cool to touch and can be considered a wearable chiller as it rapidly releases moisture into the air. Cross breeze ventilation is another reason to make this shirt your summer regular.

GILLZ Men’s Contender UV Long Sleeve Shirt combines all characteristics of a cool fishing shirt. Blocking up to 98% of UVA and UVB rays, this moisture-wicking and extremely breathable shirt is designed to withstand the inconveniences of warm and humid weather. Quick to dry and nice to wear, this is a must in every angler’s closet.

Interlock microfiber fabric makes GILLZ Mens Waterman Series V3 LS UV Shirt exceptionally comfy wear. Mechanical stretch won’t allow this shirt to restrain your movements, and moisture-wicking material won’t let any liquids spoil your wearing experience. Like all Gillz lightweight long sleeve fishing shirts, it features a UPF 50+ sun protection rating, the maximum a garment can get.

Fishing Shirts For Women

GILLZ Women’s LS UV Extreme Series Bass AOP Dusty Pink LS Shirt offers its wearer an unmatched cooling performance. Designed for long and hot days on the water, this shirt can boast outstanding moisture-wicking qualities and breathability, so needed in hot and moist conditions. If you are done sunbathing or don’t want any of those filthy sun rays on your skin at all, this shirt is a worthy option.

GILLZ Women’s Tournament Series White UV LS Shirt is another Tournament family member, ready to prove itself to you by bringing a flawless performance. With only the highest UPF rating of 50+, this shirt is endowed with all the qualities Gillz products are famous for. Synthetic fibers spread moisture over a larger surface, quickening the drying process and creating a cooling effect. 

Last but not least, GILLZ Women’s Tournament Series Waters AOP UV LS Shirt concludes our list with a wavy pattern and a likable appearance. Nothing extraordinary new, but is there anything else a fishing shirt needs? Ultimate UVA and UVB rays protection of 98%, stain resistance, breathability, and hydrophobic coating constitute this shirt’s list of advantages.