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TONIGHT: Leonid Meteor Shower Will Peak This Weekend


The Leonid Meteor Shower will reach its peak this weekend, especially Sunday night. This meteor shower is best viewed after midnight.

Our local weather shows that we should be able to see the meteor shower on Saturday night as we are supposed to have clear skies allowing for uninterrupted viewing. Unfortunately Sunday looks mostly cloudy which means the meteor shower will probably not be visible through it’s high peak.

It is predicted that 20 meteors per hour are likely through the peak of the meteor shower. This is less than previous Leonids which have turned in to all out meteor storms.

The last time the Leonids created a meteor storm was in 2001, with the most impressive one being in 1966 where onlookers seen more than 40 meteors per second.

Some of the natural lighting of the full moon may wash out some of the dimmer Leonids meteors.

If you’re serious about viewing the meteor shower, it is best if you avoid any light source like your phone, flashlight or any type of screen. After about 30 minutes your eyes will have adjusted to night vision so that you can enjoy the show.