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Today is National Pumpkin Day 2020

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US – Nothing to celebrate today? October 26th is national Pumpkin day! By October 26th, we’re in a frenzy of pumpkin obsession, because of Pumpkin show.

National Pumpkin day pushes off today, and moves into Halloween and Thanksgiving when the orange gourd of goodness is most popular! This year Dr. Liggett won Pumpkin show 2020 with a 1755.5 pound pumpkin.

Local Lindsey’s Donuts rolled out a giant 6 foot pumpkin pie for the no show pumpkin show also.

Pumpkin is very important fruit here in the US and historically important native to us. This squash is native to North America. The oldest evidence of pumpkin-related seeds dates back to somewhere between 7000 and 5500 BC to seeds found in Mexico.

Pumpkin isnt just for decoration though! Pumpkins are packed with nutrients, but they’re not only good for humans. Did you know that pumpkin may be recommended by veterinarians as a dietary supplement for dogs and cats? Since pumpkin is easy to digest, if your pet is experiencing certain digestive ailments, don’t be surprised if your vet says to give them pumpkin puree. Poultry also benefit from eating raw pumpkin as a supplement to their regular feed during the winter months to help maintain egg production. As a seasonal food, it sure comes at the right time of year. Since it’s packed with vitamin C, it can boost your immune system to fight off those nasty colds, too.

Here in Circleville we even have a Pumpkin Man!

And a Pumpkin Tower!

So go out today and get something pumpkin and enjoy!