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Tips Sought in Unsolved 2013 Deer Hunting Death


GALLIA – In December of 2013 six years ago on December 2, 2019 a man was killed on the first day of hunting season.

Larry Bradley was shot and killed in a tree stand in Gallia county. He was a father, husband and marine who served the armed forces in Desert Storm.

What makes this story even different is several weeks after the shooting the Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous letter in which the author claimed responsibility for the shooting, describing it as an accident.

“This case is still open and we hope and pray that whoever did this will do the right thing for Larry and his family and come forward,” stated Champlin. “If this was truly an accidental hunting incident, I can’t imagine why this person would not want to grant the family and themselves some everlasting peace by coming forward,” stated Champlin.

“I encourage the person responsible to contact me or any of my deputies directly so we can close this case and give the family some closure” states Champlin.

Anyone with information about this case can leave it on the Sheriff’s Office Anonymous Tip Line at (740) 446-6555.