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Thursday Pumpkin Show Food Picks


We’re digging right into another round of incredible Pumpkin Show foodie must-haves!

Deep Fried Pumpkin Cheesecake Donut – (Scioto Street, left side facing south)

Far be it from me to ever lead you astray from a classic Lindsey’s pumpkin donut. However, I would certainly implore you to give something new a try if it was stuffed with a fluffy filling.

This warm, fresh pastry is filled to Award-winning with a creamy and smooth pumpkin cheesecake filling. Crumbled graham crackers add an extra level of decadence to this deep-fried treat. Go grab one asap.


Island Noodles – award-winning Soba Noodles (Franklin St., west)

Chow mein has a special place in my heart, so when I saw a booth with award winning noodles, I was in.

I opted for the veggie option (you can add Teriyaki chicken) for my heaping serving of noodles. When they say vegetables, they aren’t kidding! I was expecting the little bits of cabbage here and there, but there were impressive portions of fresh vegetables all throughout. That makes it sorta healthy, right? With comforting hot noodles in a delicious soy blend sauce, this is an excellent choice if you are looking for something a little more like a meal and a little less deep fried.


Deep Fried Pumpkin (West Main St, left side facing west)


When I saw the sign for deep fried pumpkin, I was intrigued. What does that mean, exactly? And much to my surprise, I found I had the option of exactly how I wanted my pumpkin fixed up! You choose savory style (think our beloved deep fried zucchini and bloomin onions) or sweet style with sugared batter and caramel sauce.

I surprised myself by not going the sweet route, but my daughter reminding me that where ranch is an option, we go with that choice. It was totally unique, with a soft, mellow flavor and light crispy crunch. You can dip them like fries into your choice of sauce (soy was available as well). They make a perfect addition to all of the pumpkin show classics, and make me wonder why such a tasty treat hadn’t been around long before